33 representatives of companies and institutions interested in launching the biomethane market in Lithuania joined the 4th REGATRACE participatory workshop organized by Amber on the 18 May.

The workshop was opened by Danas Janulionis from Amber Grid, who presented the importance and goals of this workshop. Mieke Decorte from European Biogas Association presented new REPowerEU plan outline that was introduced on 8th of March by the European Commission to make Europe independent from Russian fossil fuels well before 2030.

Mindaugas Protas from Amber Grid presented overview of REGATRACE project countries national biomethane visions and plans. Mindaugas Protas from Amber Grid presented final deliverable of these workshop: Guidance for feasibility analysis covering biomethane investment projects – LITHUANIA.

Representative from Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania introduced new Biomethane production prospects assessment working group. The group consists mainly from ministries and ministries’ owned companies.