In the Official Journal, the Regulation of the Minister of Climate of 24 April 2020 on the reference price of electricity from renewable energy sources in 2020 and the periods for producers who won the auctions in 2020 was published.

The highest reference price is given for installations with a total installed electrical capacity of less than 500 kW using exclusively agricultural biogas for electricity generation from high-efficiency cogeneration. The January project suggested a price of 700 PLN/MWh, and now the Ministry of Climate has decided to increase it to 760 PLN/MWh.

Reference prices are also increased for other categories of installations using only agricultural biogas to generate electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration and for installations using only biogas from sewage treatment plants to produce electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration.

The following table compares the reference prices for different types of biogas installations in 2020 with the reference prices applicable in 2019.