End September 2022, REGATRACE published a “Design study on a coordinated process for handling guarantees of origin for energy conversion” [D4.4].

Energy Carriers can be converted into each other, and their origin can be proven with guarantees of origin (GOs), which needs a common approach to GO management. This study, led by the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) investigates how to maintain reliability and efficiency when issuing GOs after energy carrier conversion for which the input energy was certified with cancelled GOs.

While a liquid market benefits from automated processes, the study explains why this automation becomes easier if the GOs that prove the origin of the energy input into conversion, are cancelled in the same registry as where the new GOs after conversion are issued. This remains the case even if the registry is designed for issuing GOs for a different energy carrier. It walks through attention points for overcoming practical challenges and aims to support issuing bodies who are designing (an upgrade of) their GO system in line with the ongoing energy sector integration.

This study once again strengthens the arguments for the integration of the gas certification systems of AIB and ERGaR, as elaborated in REGATRACE report D2.8, for which the boards of both associations are in good talks. The outcome of this D4.4 study is the reason why AIB’s Hub for cross-registry GO transfer will facilitate to all its members the import of guarantees of origin for all energy carriers, from 2023 onwards. This enables efficient and reliable GO handling at conversion. In the given EU regulatory framework, the national implementation is up to issuing bodies and their national frameworks, for which the study also analyses transitioning and alternative solutions.

Full report available here.