The first workshop of the REGATRACE project (Renewable GAs TRAde Center in Europe) with Czech representatives took place online on 1st October 2020. The project aims to create an effective trading system based on issuing and trading of Guarantees of Origin of gases from renewable sources, especially biomethane.

At the beginning of the workshop, the participants were welcomed by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Czech Biogas Association (CzBA), Mr. Jan Matejka. This was followed by a presentation of the REGATRACE project by Mr. Stefano Proietti and Ms. Loriana Paolucci from ISINNOVA. Mr. Stefano Proietti continued together with Mr. Jan Stambasky (CzBA), and they presented Mapping on the state of play of renewable gases market in Europe and focus on the Czech Republic.

Representatives of both public administration and industry spoke during the following discussion. Important information was provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade represented by Mr. René Nedela, Deputy Minister, and Mr. Jan Zaplatilek, Director of the Gas and Liquid Fuels Department. Mr. Martin Standera acquainted the participants with the position of OTE in the system of issuing Guarantees of Origin. A representative of EFG Green Gas, Mr. Martin Vrtiska, spoke about the practical experience from the operation of the first station with the production of biomethane and its injection into the natural gas grid in the Czech Republic. Mr. Vrtiska drew attention especially to the split between the outputs of the real operation and the current legislative requirements, given by Decree No. 459/2012 Coll.

The participants were acquainted with the plans for the future, but also with the obstacles that will need to be overcome in order to create an effective system of issuing and trading Guarantees of Origin of biomethane.

The participants agreed that together, before the next workshop takes place, they will discuss and formulate a vision of further development/ the target state.