First REGATRACE Participatory Workshop ”Biomethane/renewable gases vision – Ukraine” was organized by Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABIO) in October 23, 2020. Due to strict COVID-19 situation in Kyiv the event was executed on-line based on Cisco Webex platform. Among invited participants were the representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, Ukrainian natural gas transportation system operator and also the representatives of Ukrainian business companies, non-governmental associations and National Academy of Science of Ukraine. All together 19 representatives of Ukrainian stakeholders took place in the meeting.

By now, there is no specific legislation to facilitate production and utilization of biomethane in Ukraine. All energy sector reforms – either already implemented or envisaged – concentrate in particular on the natural gas market and on electricity generation from renewable sources, including biomass and biogas.

National registry for biomethane production and consumption is not in place. However, the establishment of the registry is under discussion as soon as it is necessary tool for biomethane production or consumption, trade, import and export.

All participants agreed to continue their cooperation efforts within REGATRACE working group.