On 17th of December 2020 the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas (ARBIO) organized online workshop, regarding the promotion of the scopes of the REGATRACE project in Romania and the creation of a Biomethane registry in the country. The workshop involved 27 different stakeholders, coming from the business and academic field, including some of the most key people of the Biogas field of Romania.

The workshop started with presentations from the REGATRACE consortium members, that explained thoroughly what the project aims to achieve, as well as the status of the European biomethane market and the examples that Romania could use for the development of the sector. The partners of the projects presented the most important results that the project has achieved so far and are available for the general public through www.regatrace.eu.

Last speaker was the president of ARBIO, Mr. Ilias Papageorgiadis that analyzed in depth the current challenges for the bioenergy sector of Romania regarding the promotion of a new law that will promote the use of bioenergy in the country. Currently there is no active legislative scheme for the promotion of new investments in the field of Bioenergy, which was discussed during the Q&A session of the workshop.