At the end of 2018, the first biomethane plant in Flanders started injecting biomethane in the gas grid. This first injection created a need for a registry system to guarantee the origin of the biomethane and avoid double counting. In 2019, started with the first, market based, registry system for renewable gas to support the development of green gas in Belgium. In the same year, the Flemish government decided to expand the existing registry system for electricity from renewable sources to renewable gas, heat and cold.

This registration system for renewable gas was officially launched in the beginning of May, with the issuing of the first guarantees of origin for biomethane in Flanders. The Flemish regulator for gas and electricity (VREG) manages the system in close cooperation with the Belgian TSO, Fluxys.

Fluxys is responsible for processing new applications and the registration of the net produced biomethane. The actual issuing of the GO’s is the responsibility of the regulator.

Each month a report will be published on the website of the regulator with an overview of the number of issued GO’s, the number of traded GO’s and the average price.

Trading across borders is not yet possible.

Source (Biogas-E)