From the beginning of the year, UPEBI representatives actively participated in meetings of seven working groups of the Biogas Partnership established by the Ministry of Climate and Environment to prepare the agreement on the development of the biogas and biomethane sector in Poland. UPEBI President Sylwia Koch-Kopyszko, as coordinator of the working group on support and promotion mechanisms, including staff development and education system, organised seven online meetings for members of her working group, during which they discussed problems in the area of promotion, support and education system, proposed solutions, as well as declarations of joint activities aimed at increasing the use of biogas and biomethane in Poland. The working group coordinators sent to the Ministry of Climate and Environment written summaries concerning the work of their groups and containing the most important conclusions, recommendations and declarations of cooperation. The creation of a guarantee of origin system for biomethane was included in the list of activities recommended by members of the working group coordinated by UPEBI. After analyzing the material prepared in the working groups, the final content of the sectoral agreement will be created, which is planned to be signed at the turn of the second and third quarter of 2021.