The 34th European Gas Regulatory Forum, also known as ‘Madrid Forum’, is a high level event which gathers key stakeholders across the European gas sector to discuss opportunity and challenges related to the creation on an internal gas market in the EU.

During the forum, certificates for renewable and low-carbon gases received high attention following the announcement to recast the Renewable Energy Directive (EU) 2018/2001 (called REDII), and the release  of the Hydrogen and Energy System Integration strategies as part of the EU Green Deal. Both initiatives identify certificates as means to boost the demand for low-carbon and renewable gases and help developing a strong market.

A specific part of the forum was dedicated to “Certification of renewable and low-carbon gases – methodology and criteria” during which ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry aisbl) and EBA (European Biogas Association aisbl) shared their joint vision. A robust European renewable gas market builds on a trustworthy, transparent, and reliable Europe-wide tracking system of renewable gas consignments, enabling the allocation of renewable gas to all application purposes while preventing any double/multiple counting.

During the Q&A session, key industrial stakeholders from the gas and the electricity sectors, expressed their supports to establish an upgraded certification system for all energy carriers. In its conclusion, the forum acknowledged ERGaR’s work in enabling the cross-border transfer of certification for renewable gases. It also invited the European Commission to propose a comprehensive terminology and a European certification system covering all renewable and low-carbon fuels.