In Belgium, the regions (Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels) are competent for the development of guarantees of origin and the legislation in the regions is far different.  In Wallonia, the system of “label de garanti d’origine” for electricity has been converted to biomethane by the Wallonian administration to be compliant with the RED II directive.  Today there is not yet biomethane production in Wallonia but as a cogeneration consuming biomethane produced in Wallonia receives additional support, some projects will start production between 2020-2022. In Flanders, the legislation has been adapted to issue guarantees of origin as of 2020. The Flemish regulator (VREG) will issue the guarantees and make it tradable in the AIB system that is already operational for electricity. Today, in Flanders, there is one plant injecting biomethane in the gas grid. The development of other projects seems difficult as support is limited. In Brussels, legislation still has to be adapted, and it is unlikely that there will be any production before 2025.