To strengthen a market for renewable gas certificates, the concept of energy carrier conversion deserves key attention, since the ongoing integration of energy sectors in Europe depends on energy carriers being converted into each other. While procedures for documenting the renewable character of energy carriers are well established, transferring information documented on guarantees of origin (GOs) of such energy carriers across energy carrier conversion still is not highly elaborated.

Recently the REGATRACE consortium published its report with proposals for harmonised rules for handling guarantees of origin in relation with energy conversion (referred to as REGATRACE deliverable D4.3). This intends to support issuing bodies and registry operators by establishing a common understanding of the practical challenges and to recommend solutions.

Harmonised rules are essential for a functional market for guarantees of origin that facilitates cross- border transfer from nationally governed GO systems. Harmonisation enables trust with regards to imported GOs from other countries and enhances efficiency in the management of the GO system.

Have a look at the D4.3 report: