The call for applications for biomethane gas production and biogas upgrading plants ended beginning of November. The Environmental Project Management Agency (APVA) received applications from 17 companies for over 40 million euros. A total of € 15 million has been allocated to the call from the Climate Change Program.

The maximum grant amount per applicant is 4 million euros. The project investment support can vary from 45 to 65 percent. This amount depends on the size of the company.

Investment support is provided for a newly built biogas plant, together with biogas upgrading facility that allows purified biomethane to be injected into natural gas networks, to be used in the transport sector or used to meet own electricity and heating needs. Also investment support is provided for newly built biogas upgrading facilities near existing biogas plants, which allow purified biomethane to be injected into natural gas networks or used in the transport sector.

Applications will be selected through established evaluation criteria. One of the most important criteria is the effectiveness of the project.

The evaluation of applications will be completed no later than 60 working days after the end of the call for proposals.