Ireland has now launched a Renewable Gas Registry which has issued the first Renewable Gas Certificates for grid injected biomethane. This Registry is being operated by Gas Networks Ireland, the gas grid operator, on a voluntary basis. The Irish Government are expected to appoint Gas Networks Ireland as the official Issuing Body imminently.

Where book and claim type certificates are requested, then the registry will issue a Guarantee of Origin (GO). Where the biomethane is to be applied in the biofuels or ETS sectors, then a mass balance type certificate will be required and the registry will issue a Proof of Origin (PO). The intention is to align the Irish registry with the ERGaR voluntary scheme as closely as possible.

Producers in Ireland will obtain a proof of quality from one of the existing EU Voluntary schemes (ISCC/RedCert/BetterBiomass) in order to demonstrate compliance with sustainability and GHG criteria.

There continues to be strong interest in the renewable gas industry in Ireland: on the 22nd October the Irish Farmers Journal reported that Danone and other dairy processors in Ireland are working on phase 1 of a project to develop 125 agricultural A.D. plants and produce 2.5TWh of biomethane. (

The Department of Transport in Great Britain have launched a consultation to the terms and conditions of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) scheme. One of the proposals, if accepted would allow renewable gas from Ireland to be virtually exported to GB and applied in the RTFO scheme. This development could support a number of A.D. plants in Ireland.