Work on the first Green Gas Registry in Ireland is nearing completion with the system expected to go-live in July of 2020. The registry will issue a ‘Renewable Gas Certificate’ for grid injected biomethane and two different tracking methods will be applied.

Where book and claim type certificates are requested, then the registry will issue a Guarantee of Origin (GO). Where the biomethane is to be applied in the biofuels or ETS sectors, then a mass balance type certificate will be required and the registry will issue a Proof of Origin (PO). The intention is to align the Irish registry with the ERGaR voluntary scheme as closely as possible.

Producers in Ireland will obtain a proof of quality from one of the existing EU Voluntary schemes (ISCC/RedCert/BetterBiomass) in order to demonstrate compliance with sustainability and GHG criteria.

The first biomethane plant in Ireland commenced commercial production and grid injection on 1st May. Biomethane is being produced using food waste from Tesco supermarkets and the gas is being sold back to Tesco.

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There continues to be strong interest in the renewable gas industry in Ireland: The Food Processing Industry is pursuing a business plan and opportunity for biomethane and ‘organic soil improver’ (driven by Paris agreement food production requirements).  Other food processing companies are being approached to join the initiative which is gaining support and momentum.

Planning permission to develop the biomethane central gas injection (CGI) facility near Mitchelstown, Co. Cork has been approved. This will facilitate a cluster of AD Plants injecting their biomethane into the grid.