The “klimaaktiv” online workshop series on biomethane injection into the gas grid offers a public available knowledge base with comprehensive information. The topic of biomethane injection was addressed from different angles by speakers in five consecutive webinars to provide a holistic view. The presentations in German language were recorded and are publicly available.

klimaaktiv is the climate protection initiative of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK). Founded in 2004, the initiative focuses on the topics of construction and renovation, energy savings, renewable energies, and mobility. The goal is to complement climate protection support schemes and regulations in a practical way by developing and providing quality standards and facilitating an active partner network. Education and training are also emphasised, as the development of “green skills” by important multipliers is considered a key factor in climate protection.

Biogas is also the subject of a klimaaktiv programme coordinated by representatives of the Austrian Compost and Biogas Association. Between December 2020 and March 2021, an online workshop series with five half-day webinars was held as part of this programme for the target groups of experts from the energy sector, ministries, and future and existing feeders of renewable gases, as well as the interested public.

The series were kicked off with an introduction of the common biogas upgrading techniques and was followed by four workshops on key topics of the Austrian gas infrastructure, biomethane in the gas network, the overall gas market and the documentation of renewable gases. Speakers were representatives of the energy regulator E-Control, the Austrian network operators, the grid manager AGGM AG, the Central European Gas Hub AG, and the Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK).

In the context of a presentation by the AGCS Biomethane Registry Austria on the hurdles on the way towards a European, holistic certificate system, the initiatives, and objectives of the REGATRACE project were also presented and the necessary steps to establish an efficient trading system based on the issuing and trading of renewable gas certificates were outlined.

The presentations in German language were recorded and are publicly available: