Within project task 3.3, the REGATRACE target countries (BE, ES, IE, IT, LT, PL, RO, SK) are represented by organisations engaged in establishing national renewable gas registries/GO issuing bodies. They have been equipped with an IT-system of an existing national biomethane registry to overcome the complex burden of understanding the functioning of gas certificate registry systems. This will ease their development phase and help get used to certificate documentation processes.

REGATRACE equips target countries with descriptions and guidelines on the structure and operation of a certificate registry system based on the experience of established national registries in European countries where they do not yet exist in European countries. REGATRACE target countries prepare to enter the European renewable gas market through the establishment of national renewable gas registries/GO issuing bodies. They are expected to be „lighthouses” in their home countries, serving as a knowledge base, providing guidance and assistance to potential biomethane investors.

AGCS Gas Clearing and Settlement AG and subcontractor Smart Technologies Beratungs- und Management GmbH have been entrusted with the task to provide a dedicated certificate registry system in English language based on the Austrian application to REGATRACE target countries. In early 2021, the dedicated IT-systems were handed over, enabling future operators in target countries to get a better understanding of the necessary functionalities and business processes of national renewable gas registries/GO issuing bodies. Each target country was delivered with its own dedicated pilot IT-system, in corporate colouring, including the organisation’s logo and personalised logins. The databases of these national registries were equipped with either provisional REGATRACE master data or their own national master data where already available. Additionally, corresponding documentation was provided to support the implementation and execution of business processes enabling national and international transactions of title transfers of renewable gas certificates. AGCS provides comprehensive documentation for the operation of national renewable gas registries/GO issuing bodies particularly in form of a User Manual for the operator’s Backoffice and a document with Business Process Guidelines.

In some cases, national appointed organisations to operate a registry system are obliged to perform a public tender for the procurement of their IT-system. Several target countries are currently planning their tender process based on the knowledge and experience gained from the IT-systems and supporting documentation delivered as part of task 3.3 and based on the REGATRACE reports D3.1 Guidelines for establishing national biomethane registries  and D2.5 Guidelines for tender process of IT-services.

AGCS continues to provide a helpdesk for any queries including online training sessions and first level support until the project end. In case interest emerges in countries other than the REGATRACE target countries, this support will be offered there as well. For such cases, please contact support-regatrace@agcs.at.