Speakers from ISINNOVA, EBA and ERGaR involved in the biomethane-centered REPowerEU workshop

Last week REGATRACE had the chance to highlight its project results amongst the biogas industry community during the Scaling up biomethane in the European Union workshop. The event, which took place in hybrid mode on June 24th 2022, was driven by the European Commission’s recent re-targeting of biomethane production to scale it up from a level around 3 bcm today to 35 bcm by 2030.
To meet this ambitious target and set up a shared path to achieve scaling up of the biomethane production – which is one of REPowerEU’s missions – the International Energy Agency (IEA) brought together representatives of the biogas eco-system. One day during which experts and policy makers reviewed current and planned support schemes and regulations and shared best practices for biomethane supply chains’ development, considering the cost and availability of feedstocks, the production pathways, infrastructure needs, use cases and bankability of projects.

Direct inputs and points of view were also requested from projects developed in the field, who were invited to share their experiences and insights. Stefano Proietti (ISINNOVA) showcased REGATRACE’s contribution to building a stable common market for biomethane and other renewable gases in Europe, touching upon gaps and uncertainties. Within REGATRACE’s framework, Harmen Dekker (EBA) illustrated the current stay of play of biomethane in Europe, with a specific focus on the recently approved REPowerEU Plan, while Matthias Edel (ERGaR) explained the challenges encountered in verifying and documenting renewable gases in Europe, providing an in-depth focus on the ERGaR CoO Scheme for cross-border transfers of renewable gases.

Click here for the complete workshop agenda.