Rolande, a market leader in building infrastructures for LNG and bio-LNG for trucks in the Netherlands, has opened the first of five CNG and LNG filling stations in Ulm, Germany. The plant is a 24/7 self-serve petrol station with two LNG pumps and two CNG pumps with capacities guaranteeing “swift fuelling” without long waiting times. The station has a daily capacity for up to 150 vehicles and large driveways designed for heavy-duty trucks. Rolande said it supports transport companies that want to switch to high-caloric CNG, LNG or bio-LNG and is already working on building an infrastructure for the production and use of bio-LNG for trucks. Before the end of this year, the company will open new LNG locations with partners in Dortmund, Duisburg, Grasdorf, Lübeck and Ziesar. A further expansion of the network is planned in Germany for 2021.

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