The second REGATRACE multi-stakeholder participatory workshop ”Roadmap” was organized by AEBIG in cooperation with the REGATRACE project, on 2 on-line sessions on October 2021.

The workshop involved almost 20 different key stakeholders of the biomethane field of Spain: traders and investors ( as AXPO, BP, CEPSA, ENGIE, NATURGY RENEWABLES, REDEXIS, REPSOL and SUMA CAPITAL ), relevant national associations and technology centers ( as AEAS, AINIA, CIEMAT, FGER, IMDEA and SEDIGAS ), independent experts ( as Fernando Suarez, Jorge Tinas and Xavier Flotats ) and Government representatives of the MINISTRY OF ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION AND DEMOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE and the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND FOOD.

The objectives were:

Introduction – draft vision:

  • Conceptualisation of the contribution of biomethane as a solution to compliance with European Directives, including its contribution to the Circular Economy.

Departing point – draft vision:

  • There are currently 3 active biomethane plants in Spain injecting into the gas grid. The coming years will be important for the development of the Spanish biomethane sector.

Objectives – draft vision:

  • Discussion and consolidation of the draft vision for the REGATRACE Roadmap for Spain: a reference document.

Results – draft vision

  • Establish a reasonably stable regulatory framework, including clarification of the use of digestate as a biofertiliser.
  • Set increasing annual targets, with a focus on the scope of commercialisation for final consumption.
  • Determine the real potential for biomethane production.
  • Determine the uses of biomethane, prioritising the democratisation of the use of renewable gas for all sectors (domestic, commercial, industrial, transport,…).
  • Determine the real potential for biomethane production: all relevant feedstocks as sources, including sequential crops.
  • Improve the profitability of biogas + upgrading plant infrastructures.
  • Urgently implement a system of guarantees of biomethane origin, including information on compliance with sustainability criteria and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the process of obtaining biogas where appropriate.
  • Clarify the calculation of GHG emission reductions: based on the European Renewable Energy Directive REDII guide.
  • Simplify the administrative burden of the projects: specification of the streamlining and reduction of response times by the Administration in the processing of authorisations and permits.
  • Focus on “Strategic Autonomy” as a source of renewable energy that provides distributed production and national security of supply.
  • Enabling the capacity to provide organic amendment to soils: for greater legal certainty, the legal regime for the end of waste status applicable to digestate should be clarified.

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