The European Commission invited in April key stakeholders across the European energy sector to discuss opportunities and challenges related to the further development and decarbonisation of the internal EU gas market. The need of a strong certification system for renewable and low-carbon gases was requested by EBA and partner associations to facilitate the integrated internal market’s uptake.

The 35th edition of the European Gas Regulatory Forum, well-known as the Madrid Forum took place on 29 and 30 April 2021. During the high-level closed-door meetings, Commission invited national regulatory authorities, EU national government, actors from the whole value chain of the internal gas market (TSO, DSO, producers, suppliers, consumers, traders) and Energy NGOs to discuss opportunities and challenges related to the further develop the internal gas market in line with the EU Energy & Climate goals.

Following the discussions, the European Commission is invited “to come forward with proposals to facilitate the uptake of renewable and low-carbon gases, including a system of tradable Guarantees of Origin, whilst ensuring an integrated, liquid and interoperable EU internal gas market allowing for decarbonisation at least cost. The Forum underlines the importance of ensuring that renewable and low-carbon gases have access to wholesale markets, transmission and distribution networks, storage and other flexibility sources.” In this context, the Forum invites the European Commission to “to ensure the coherence of the GO system necessary to optimise trading opportunities and market development”.