This first drafting version of the Biogas Roadmap is a necessary first step, but is not very ambitious in its goals, it needs to be developed in a more demanding and more ambitious way:

  • table regulatory framework and long-term foresight to attract investments and foster both supply and demand side: mandatory and increasing annual biomethane consumption targets backed by Guarantees of Origin
  • Economic and financial mechanisms formulated in a specific and dedicated programme to support and promote renewable gas production projects: Feed-in-Tariff, Feed-in-Premium, tax incentives, direct subsidies, investment leverage through soft credits, tax exemptions considering the positive effects of biogas and biomethane… that would really boost the development of the sector, generating investors’ confidence in the legal certainty of the support programmes.
  • Urgent development and operationalisation of Guarantees of Origin for renewable gas injected into gas infrastructure.
  • Concretisation of the streamlining and reduction of response times by the Administration in the processing of authorisations and permits.
  • In the framework of recovery, transformation and resilience mechanisms, greater importance should be given to biogas and more funds should be allocated by the government to promote the development of biogas and biomethane.
  • The Roadmap should establish lines of action aimed at ensuring viable technical and economic management of digestate, in order to facilitate its use and organic fertilisation; the regulations for action should establish criteria according to the quality (physicochemical characteristics) of the material and the needs and characteristics of the soil on which it is applied.
  • For greater legal certainty, the legal end-of-waste regime applicable to digestate should be clarified.

The Biogas Roadmap in a draft version for public consultation can be consulted in the following link of the MITERD website: