On 21th and 22th March 2022 CCIS-CAFÉ (Slovenian Association of Biogas producers) organized the third REGATRACE participatory workshop, which brought together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss where state on the pathway to start the production of biomethane in Slovenia. The workshop was part of two days study visit in Italy.

Firstly, the participants visit the Italian company Pietro Fiorentini in Vicenza. They visit the production area and the area of ​​renewable energy technologies. After that they have a visit tour of the system for upgrading biogas to biomethane in the production phase.

The second part was visiting the upgrading biogas to biomethane. There was discussion about installing that kind of system also in Slovenia, where until now there is no production plant for biomethane.

The time required for implementation, without permits, is about 6-8 months, for the supply of equipment (depending on the occupancy of equipment manufacturers), construction work and installation.