27 representatives of companies and institutions interested in launching the biomethane market in Poland joined the 3rd REGATRACE participatory workshop organized by UPEBI on January 28th. Due to COVID-19 situation the event was held partly on-line based on Microsoft Teams platform and partly in-person.

The introduction to the workshop was given by the President of UPEBI, Artur Zawisza. Then, Dr. Magdalena Rogulska, REGATRACE Project Manager, took the floor, summarizing the activities undertaken so far in Poland under this project and presenting the status of biomethane development in Europe. After that, the draft of the Polish biomethane road map was presented.

The next presentation by Tomasz Jusiel from Green Genius discussed the current situation on the Lithuanian biogas and biomethane market. After that, the country tailored guidance for feasibility analysis was presented. The last point of the meeting was the discussion with participants on the Polish biomethane road map and guidance for feasibility analysis.

All participants agreed to continue their cooperation efforts within REGATRACE working group. The 4th participatory workshop will be organized in the mid of 2022.


For more info, Joanna Szalanska, j.szalanska@upebi.pl