Third REGATRACE Participatory Workshop ”Biomethane/renewable gases vision – Ukraine” was held by Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABIO) in December 20, 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Due to COVID-19 situation in Kyiv the event was organized partly on-line based on Cisco Webex platform and party in persons. All together 14 representatives of working group and Ukrainian stakeholders took place in the meeting. Additionally on-line translation of the event was organized in the Internet resources of UABIO.

The participants discussed the status of biogas/biomethane development in Ukraine including the plans and status of Ukrainian biomethane road map development. Draft of Ukrainian biomethane road map was presented. After that a feasibility study guide covering biomethane investment projects with examples for Ukraine was also presented

Interactive session to define the plans and status of Ukrainian biomethane road map development  with involvement of all interested stakeholders took place after the presentations. This session included also  the visions of Ukrainian Transmission System Operator (TSO UA) and of Ukrainian Distribution System Operator (DSO UA).

All participants agreed to continue their cooperation efforts within REGATRACE working group. Forth participatory workshop will be organized in the mid of 2022.