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Work package 2 will develop a set of harmonised European rules, regulations, procedures and requirements for issuing biomethane/renewable methane Guarantees of Origin (GoO), based on the cooperation of national issuing bodies. Ergar, the European Renewable Gas Registry, will establish a network of national issuing bodies and set out the agreed-upon rules for participating in the system. It will also define the processual, administrative, technical and organizational requirements for a secure and automated hub (the technical interface) that can connect all national issuing bodies and form a European biomethane/renewable gas trading platform. It is in charge of defining the tender procedure for building the hub and the European biomethane/renewable gas trading platform and will assess the technical concept for both the hub and the connected European biomethane/renewable gas trading platform.


TitleNumber of DeliverableLeading PartnerPlanned date of completionDownload
Updated Guidelines for creating the European Biomethane GoOD2.1ERGaRNovember 2019Click to Download
Report on content and attributes of GoOD2.2ERGaRFebruary 2020Available after February 2020
Memorandum of Understanding among national issuing bodies to set-up the networkD2.3ERGaRMay 2020Available after May 2020
Report on technical requirement and specification of hubD2.4ERGaRSeptember 2020Available after September 2020
Guidelines for tender process of IT-servicesD2.5AGCSOctober 2020Available after October 2020
Report on design study and technical specification for dashboard and platformD2.6AGCSFebruary 2021This deliverable will not be published
Report on setting-up the network of national issuing bodiesD2.7ERGaRFebruary 2022Available after February 2022