Work package 6, led by the European Biogas Association (EBA), will encourage the uptake of biomethane in both the targeted and supported countries by developing strategic visions and national roadmaps using a participatory process. These roadmaps and visions will include recommendations for legislative and market changes as well as activities aimed at achieving the required development in production, trade and consumption. It will also produce tailored country guidance on feasibility analysis and will develop a guidebook on securing financing for biomethane investments.


Title Number of




Planned date of completion Download
Mapping on the state of play of renewable gases market in Europe D6.1 EBA January 2020 Click to download
Guidebook on securing financing for biomethane investments D6.2 CIB September 2020 Click to download
Long-terms visions and roadmaps D6.3 ISINNOVA April 2022 Click to download
Guidance for feasibility analysis D6.4 EBA September 2022 Click to download