While Europe mandates the Member States to set up their own guarantee of origin systems, overcoming the challenges on handling energy tracking certificates in relation with energy conversion requires a joint conversation among the national system administrators for a start.

On March 11th, a workshop was held on “Mapping Challenges for certificate handling in relation with energy carrier conversion”. It was targeted at issuing bodies and registry operators of guarantees of origin (GOs), with a view to have a discussion with the parties involved in the design and technical management of GOs regarding energy carrier conversion. 85 people participated.

The aim of this workshop was to establish a common understanding of the practical challenges and potential solutions, and to collect feedback from the attendees regarding the challenges they experience or foresee in their . (See workshop Agenda.) Based on the presentations regarding the framework, challenges and case studies, active participation in polls provided the basis for a more detailed questionnaire to the issuing bodies and registry operators. This input will be used to elaborate solutions in the REGATRACE task 4.3 regarding coordination between the electricity and renewable gas and hydrogen certification systems. This task 4.3 is developing a harmonised set of rules for the conversion of GOs of various energy carriers (by October 2021) and a design study on the technical requirements of a coordinated conversion process (by April 2022). It is led by AIB in cooperation with ERGaR, EBA, AGCS and dena. More about this and the other deliverables regarding integration of GOs for various energy carriers at https://www.regatrace.eu/work-packages/wp4-integration-of-goo-from-different-renewable-gastechnologies-with-electric-and-hydrogen-goo-systems/ .