The most important novelty in the field of production and use of biomethane in the Czech Republic is the fact that in September this year the government approved an amendment to the Act on Supported Energy Sources and on 27 September 2021 it was signed by the President. The reason for the amendment was the implementation of the European Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). The amendment newly introduces operational support for biomethane in the form of a Green Bonus as well as Guarantees of Origin for biomethane, hydrogen and heat from RES. The law will be effective from 1 January 2022 and work is currently under way on related implementing legislation. The amended law must be notified by the EU, it is currently in the prenotification phase. The National Register of Guarantees of Origin of biomethane will be the responsibility of OTE, a.s. (Operator of the Energy Market, which at the moment runs the National GoO Register of Electricity).

The third workshop of the REGATRACE project with Czech representatives took place online on 7th October 2021 within the traditional national conference Construction and Operation of Biogas Plants, which has long been attended by a large number and a wide range of stakeholders from the entire field of biogas production and use in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The workshop focused mainly on the presentation of domestic conditions for the development of a sustainable biomethane market, and mainly dealt with the above-mentioned amendment of legislation from different points of view. The workshop acquainted the participants with the future conditions of operation of biomethane stations and with future trends in the use of sustainable substrates, the use of digestate, the use of biomethane in transport and the issues of GoO and emission allowances and future trends in the energy market. During the final discussion the draft Roadmap to National Register of Renewable Gases has been completed and approved.