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Work package 4, led by AIB, the Association of Issuing Bodies, will establish Guarantees of Origin from different renewable gas technologies and develop verification standards for Power-to-Gas and Biomethane to Bio-LNG/Biomethanol. It will also compare the technical, organisational and operational differences in the hub systems of biomethane/renewable gas (ERGaR) and renewable electricity (AIB). The work package will also assess and coordinate the conversion of electricity GoO to biomethane/renewable gas/hydrogen GoO from a technical and organisational perspective.


Title Number of




Planned date of completion Download
Guidelines for the verification of cross- sectoral concepts D4.1 DENA November 2020 Click to download
Technical and operational comparison of the biomethane/renewable gas GoO system and the electricity GoO system D4.2 ERGaR January 2021 Click to download
Harmonised set of rules for the conversion of electricity to biomethane/ renewable gas and hydrogen GoO D4.3 AIB October 2021 Click to download
Design study on the technical requirements of a coordinated conversion process D4.4 AIB September 2022 Click to download