As part of the implementation of RED II, The European Standard CEN-EN 16325 is getting an upgrade to develop an accurate, reliable and fraud-resistant system of Guarantees of Origin (GO) for electricity, gas including hydrogen and heating & cooling.

This revised standard is to be issued as part of a rigorous process supervised by CEN CENELEC through its working group JTC14 WG5 gathering national delegations from the 34 European CEN-CENELEC member countries.

Some REGATRACE members, such as the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), the European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) and the European Biogas Association (EBA), actively provide their expertise to JTC14 WG5 as industrial experts, but also indirectly through the FaStGO project which was ordered by the European Commission to give  support to the revision process.

In order to fully respect the implementation date of RED II (July 2021), the revised text proposal aims to be approved by the 34 delegations by the end of this year, so the new standard can be duly implemented at national level.