To find the best possible IT-provider to acquire specific IT-services for a renewable gas trading platform, an open, clear, structured, and fraud-excluding tender process should be performed, allowing a transparent competition of a broad variety of bidders. REGATRACE report D2.6 provides guidelines and addresses the tendering organization as well as the possible bidders as audience.

The whole chain from the first publication of the information on the tender, to the different stages of the tender process, as far as the contract signing concerning the respective IT-services, are covered in this report. It also provides details on information technology related requirements for consideration by the tendering organization, referring to the IT‑infrastructure (hardware, operation, non-functional requirements), software (architecture, security, performance, usability, interfaces, data formats, reporting) and operational phase (availability, support, maintenance) of the respective IT-service. A potential bidder list comprises selected companies, known for their experiences in providing software solutions related to the energy sector and/or trading.