Creating a stable and harmonised Europe-wide market for biomethane, capable of integrating the national issuing bodies, is a key element to reinforce the trade function of biomethane, enable the feasibility of investments to supply the whole European market and promote cross-border biomethane trade.

During its implementation, REGATRACE will substantially contribute to the increase of biomethane deployment in the different project countries. A network of issuing bodies will be established by including existing national biomethane registries (Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and UK) and by creating issuing bodies in the “Target” countries of the project (Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Lithuania and Romania). Additionally, REGATRACE will support 7 countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, Slovenia, Sweden and Ukraine) to pave the way for the set-up of registries and to elaborate national visions and roadmaps for biomethane.

The approach is to transfer the best practices from successful member states and replicate them in the rest of Europe. To this aim, several participatory workshops have been organized in Target and Supported countries with the scope to address the existing gaps and create a shared and long-term strategic vision for biomethane.

Respective governments, regional and local bodies, key country stakeholders active in the sector, were involved into this activity aimed at paving the way for the new biomethane investments. The outcomes of the workshops will help to develop and consolidate national roadmaps country-by-country, with a list of concrete actions, to facilitate the development of the production and usage of renewable gases.