Fundamental basics for Europe-wide title transfers are the IT-systems of National Organisations such as national biomethane/renewable gas registries, issuing bodies and biofuels registries/databases. They shall be designed to not only oversee the national markets, but also to pursue a European market by being connected to a European IT-option, underpinned by a European Scheme. The report evaluates six IT-options to interconnect such National Organisations:

  • Standardised data exchange without dedicated database;
  • Standardised data exchange with simplified database;
  • Bolt-on module;
  • Platform for information exchange;
  • Centralised communication hub;
  • Central IT-solution for all services.

One of the main goals of the REGATRACE project is to assist its target and supported countries in establishing the necessary framework for their domestic renewable gas market. Thus, the evaluations of the IT-options were performed from point of view of National Organisations, considering the status of the European renewable gas market which presents an uneven playing field. While several countries are well advanced, with a high number of production plants/injection sites and a lively market, in other countries neither production nor market tools have been established. The number of participating countries/National Organisations, economic operators, production volumes and number of transactions must be considered as starting point for any initiatives on harmonisation.

The results of the investigative study comprise an in-depth analysis of all six IT-solutions, based on SWOT and cost-benefit-analyses. In particular, the processual, administrative, technical, and organisational requirements were investigated, which may be applicable for all participating national issuing bodies/registries. Also, a comparative analysis considering costs, timescale and complexity during implementation and operation phases was performed. Additionally, the future viability of the underlying technology was considered.

Providing a long-term vision for Europe, a ‘central IT-solution for all services’ (described IT-option 6) might be considered because it pushes harmonisation and standardisation across Europe. However, this IT-solution is not recommended to kick-off the market, considering that the renewable gas market is currently still in its infancy. It was concluded that the most viable IT-option must be suitable for the market volume, considering the number of participating countries/National Organisations, economic operators, production volumes and number of transactions. As the current main target is to harmonise market conditions and enable interconnections, an IT-system with less complex requirements will provide the highest gain to quickly establish a Europe-wide market. Once the European market has reached a mature level, dedicated IT-solutions with more automated business processes are considered appropriate.